About the Work
Total Run Time: 17:44

Final Tour
Total Run Time: 3:00

For the Evidence Locker series, Jill Magid utilizes the complex surveillance systems in Liverpool, England, to speak about the limits of communication and control. Final Tour finds the audience following Magid and a friend through the city of Liverpool as seen through surveillance cameras. In Trust, Magid relies on communication with the police officers operating surveillance cameras to literally guide her through the city as she walks the streets with her eyes blindfolded. Trust and Final Tour are manifestations of a collaboration with the Liverpool police department. When projected in downtown Syracuse, the context and meaning of the work shifts from private to public, commenting on our inability to be truly alone.

About the Artist
Magid’s work transgresses our notions of art’s boundaries. She experiments with all media, literature and experience to communicate her questioning of the world around us. She received her B.F.A. from Cornell University and her M.S. in visual studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including at the Tate Modern in London, Gagosian Gallery in New York, Centre D’arte Santa Monica in Barcelona, Sparwasser in Berlin and Stroom and the AVID (The Secret Service of the Netherlands) among others. She now lives and works in New York and Amsterdam.

Jill Magid:
Trust and Final Tour

  • Dates:

    April 1 - 30, 2010
  • On View:

    Thursday - Sunday
    dusk to 11pm
  • Times:

    UVP Montgomery Street
    321 Montgomery Street
    Syracuse, NY
    [retired venue]
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