About the Work
four strategies, an idea, a text and two messages
Total Run Time: 1:58

In “four strategies, an idea, a text and two messages”, Ferrete revised an existing “four strategies” text work specifically with UVP and the Syracuse Stage location in mind. While the prior version was written for ink on paper, in this version Ferrete writes for LED panel on architectural facade, investigating the technical and political structures surrounding the UVP platform. The new work continues his use of minimal and open-ended texts that imply a discursive relationship with the audience, yet remain aloof and non-prescriptive.

About the Artist
Jaume Ferrete is a multimedia artist living and working in Barcelona, Spain.

Jaume Ferrete:
four strategies, an idea, a text, and two messages

  • Dates:

    March 1- May 30 2010
  • On View:

    Thursday - Sunday
    dusk to 11pm
  • Times:

    UVP Syracuse Stage
    820 East Genesee Street
    Syracuse, NY
    [retired venue]
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